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Here you will find solutions to the most commonly encountered technical issues with SpirALS and TEAM.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I look after our data file?

There are many issues that can arise with the SpirALS datafile and the issues are a wide set. To minimalise and eliminate those issues, we've created a help document with all the help and additional tips to make sure possible file corruption doesn't occur: against corrupting SpirALS datafiles.docx

My TEAM version was green and is now red. What does that mean?

When the TEAM version number at the bottom of the page turns red it means that something part of the installation package is not quite right, for example an additional file may be included within the location of the files. In this case it will not affect TEAM the slightest, however if TEAM is not fully operational and the version number is red this can be due to a number of things such as missing files within the main installation. In such a case a fresh installation of TEAM will be likely to resolve the issue. This is a case of just replacing the exisitng files within the TEAM installation except the web.config file and the controlpanel.mdb files

I have loaded the update but when I run SpirALS I receive a message saying that the file is located outside my intranet or in an un-trusted Zone.

This is related to Windows Security, and can happen when an ‘executable’ file is downloaded from a web site or other network.  Windows adds security zone information to a hidden portion of the file in a secondary ‘stream’.

This generally indicates the need to ‘UNBLOCK THE PROGRAMS FILE’.  

To do this:

  1. Locate the file SpirALS1.mde on the workstation (normally c:\program files\spirals\spirals1.mde) and view its property sheet by pressing ALT+ENTER.
  2. Next to the Attributes tick boxes at the bottom of the page, you may see an ‘UNBLOCK’ button. If not then close the sheet, and see the next Main topic below – re error 31541
  3. Press this button and close the property sheet.
  4. Re-launch SpirALS and everything should be ok

How do I add new files to the list available on the TEAM log in page?

Instructions on how to do this can be downloaded from the Documentation page in the Support area of the website. The document is called ‘TEAM access to data files’. 

I have loaded and run the update but when I try to open a SpirALS data file I get a runtime error that may involve Error Number 31541 - saying that the file is located outside my intranet or in an un-trusted Zone.

This is a new problem that arose during the latter half of 2009. We believe that it is related to the enhanced security 
configuration of Internet Explorer 8.
In this instance, the solution lies in adding the folder(s) containing your SpirALS Data Files and DataLink Import files 
to the list of Trusted Sites, using “Internet Options” in either Internet Explorer or Windows Control Panel.

  1. Choose the ‘Security’ tab and then click ‘Local Intranet’ icon.
  2. Click ‘Sites’ then click ‘Advanced’.
  3. Un-tick the checkbox labelled ‘Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone.
  4. Add the Drive, Share or UNC path to the location of your Data File(s) to the list using the ‘Add’ button.
  5. Re-launch SpirALS.

For more detailed information on this topic, please refer to the following documentation: