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Are Midas Systems' products appropriate for my needs?

Midas Systems' products are specifically designed for use across the entire education sector or wherever institutions and businesses need to provide and manage additional support to learners, trainees and students to help them achieve their goals when they have a disability, learning difficulty, language or other learning support need. 

Our flagship products bring the many obvious benefits of transparent data to everyone concerned with any aspect of support provision. Not to be overlooked, are the less tangible benefits that also arise from greater feelings of ownership of, collaboration and involvement with information on support provision (as recommended by Ofsted).

From managers, administrators and MIS departments in the office, to tutors and other support practitioners working with people who receive support.

ATLAS, SpirALS and TEAM simply make it easier to do your job better.


Introducing ATLAS, an innovative, web-based Learning Support management solution, based on the trusted concepts established in SpirALS and TEAM.

For more information please visit the ATLAS website: http://atlas.midas-systems.co.uk/


SpirALS integrates with your main college systems and provides a comprehensive best practice framework for planning and monitoring all areas of provision. From 'pre-entry' through to outcomes SpirALS enables immediate access to information for audit, inspection and funding.


The TEAM add-on module for SpirALS runs on your intranet and feeds into the main SpirALS database enabling attendance logging, session plans and reviews, learners’ comments, targets and achievements to be recorded in a simple-to-use, browser-based interface by the staff providing support.

"At our last audit, I sat and reviewed everything in SpirALS & TEAM… all the data the auditors needed was immediately accessible. It takes two seconds to run a report - and it’s extremely accurate!"

John Ruskin College

SpirALS uses the contributions from TEAM to highlight any errors, ommisions or inconsistencies in your data, and then uses the information to accurately and automatically calculate or update each individual students' support costs.

Together, these products minimise the administrative burden and ensure that there is a seamless trail of evidence from real-time delivery to actual cost of provision  Their implementation removes the need for your Learning Support, MIS or IT departments to develop and continually maintain ad hoc systems, allowing them to focus on their key objectives.

Choose ‘SpirALS’ or 'Atlas' if you want a comprehensive system for the management and administration of support and funding.

Choose ‘SpirALS with TEAM’ or 'Atlas with Atlas Mobile' if you want comprehensive support session evidence that can be used to automatically calculate and maintain highly accurate individual learner support cost information.

Please see Success Stories and Case Studies where you can read about the dramatic improvements in practice and delivery that have been achieved after implementation of SpirALS and TEAM.