About Us

Our Company and Values

Midas Systems are part of the VLE Support Ltd and one of the leading suppliers of Learning Support management solutions to the post-16 education sector and any organisation that provides support.

Independent and privately owned, we released 'MIDAS' the first comprehensive system for managing additional learning support (ALS) in 1994 in response to the need for a systematic approach to the recording of information in that area.

Almost 25 years later and with learning support now extending far beyond its foundations in Further Education to independent and third-sector providers, almost 200 colleges, organisations and institutions rely on our unique, tried and tested products for managing not only funding but all key areas of their learning support provision. 

In 2016 we joined forces with VLE Support Ltd., the team that make eTrackr, eNotify and eConsole in order to strengthen our products and to work with people experienced in teaching, administration and all other aspects of Further Education.  Our dedicated combined teams continue to focus on the same core values that the founders have held from the outset, i.e. improving outcomes for learners and apprentices, improving efficiency whilst reducing the administrative burden, improving data quality, and comprehensively satisfying audit and inspection information requests. 

Our team’s extensive MIS systems knowledge allied to first-hand experience of actually delivering learning support combine to bring you highly focussed solutions that have become the de facto standard.

Everyone here understands that our reputation depends upon providing the very highest level of customer service and support, whether that be to a new and inexperienced Administrator, an experienced Support Coordinator, an IT Technician, MIS Manager, Finance Director or Principal. We do everything we can to make sure that each enquiry, request or problem is dealt with professionally, quickly and effectively.

Indeed, one of our key advantages is the close working relationship that we have developed with so many of our customers, the majority of whom we have worked with for many years. We take pride in our ability to deliver rapid responses to requests for information or support, based on our knowledge and understanding of their individual circumstances and our experience of managing learning support information across a wide range of similar providers.

Finally we would like to thank, and say how indebted we are to so many of our loyal and long standing clients who continue to act as reference centres and recommend our products and services to others. Their feedback, ideas and suggestions are invaluable in the ever changing Learning Support landscape and form the basis for ongoing product development, new features and facilities.